Notes for Contributers

Contributions to The Library should, if possible, be submitted according to the recommendations of the MHRA Style Guide (freely downloadable from ), in either hard-copy or electronic format. Copy should be typed double-spaced throughout, with the notes (in the same type-size and spacing as the main text) presented as endnotes, i.e. beginning on a new sheet of paper at the end of the main text. (Notes appear as footnotes in published articles.) Final copy for articles and bibliographical notes accepted for publication must be sent electronically, with endnotes, if possible, in a separate file. The Editor will be happy to discuss particular questions about submission by e-mail ( There is no fixed word limit for articles. Contributions shorter than c. 2,500 words will normally be treated as bibliographical notes. In general, publication follows order of receipt of contributions, with some precedence being given to papers read to the Bibliographical Society.

Contributors receive without charge a copy of the relevant issue of The Library, together with twenty-five offprints in the case of articles, twelve in the case of bibliographical notes, and six in the case of reviews. Further offprints may be ordered when proofs are returned. Proofs are normally sent out three months before publication.


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